How To Defeat Australian Metadata Retention Laws with a VPN

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Australia data retention laws

Setting Up a VPN

VPN stands for virtual private network, and VPNs secure your data and personal information against invasive practices including data retention. An Australia VPN will safeguard your data from Australia's data retention laws that recently went into effect, offering exceptional security. To get started with a VPN simply follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service. VyprVPN offers a variety of different VPN protocols and doesn't use third-party servers.
  2. Download your VPN and launch the application on your preferred device(s).
  3. Select a server to connect to. VyprVPN lets you choose from over 70 server locations around the world.
  4. Use the Internet and your apps, and feel confident your privacy and security are protected.
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How Does Australia Data Retention Impact My Privacy?

Data retention threatens online privacy, as it provides the government with access to consumer data. Metadata retention can apply to email, phone calls and text messages you make from within the country. This access could result in surveillance or misuse by the government, and could also become a target for hackers and criminals trying to obtain data for nefarious purposes. Under Australia's metadata retention laws, there is a lot of room for law enforcement agencies to view and access consumer data meaning - there's also room for abuse. The data collected can reveal intimate details about you including the following:

  • Name, address, date of birth, email addresses, other identifying account information
  • Communication details including:
    • Method of communication (for example voice, SMS, email, chat, etc)
    • Location at start, end and during communication
    • Address and details of recipient
    • Network used to communicate
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How Does a VPN Defeat Data Retention?

A VPN encrypts your Internet connection, so your ISP or telecom company cannot see what websites you visit, your online activity or the content of your communications. Some VPN providers, such as VyprVPN, retain a very minimal amount of data – far less than an ISP or telcom provider. VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection to protect your personal details from your ISP or Telecom provider in Australia (and around the world). We own and run our own network with no third parties, so we can guarantee the highest level of privacy and security at all times. In this way, an AustralianVPN like VyprVPN protects you from invasive data retention practices.

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